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Dr. Kambiz Norozi, Dr. Eva Welisch, Dr. Luis Altamirano-Diaz

“The smart heart trial”

Specimen: Blood
Dr. Kambiz Norozi, Dr. Guido Filler

“Cardiovascular function in obese children and adolescents.”

Specimen: Blood
Dr. Kambiz Norozi, Dr. Eva Welisch

“Non-invasive measurement of cardiac output in hypertensive children with operated congenital heart defect.”

Specimen: Blood
Dr. Cheril Clarson, Dr. Patricia Gallego, Dr. Robert Stein

“Adolescent type I diabetes cardio-renal Intervention trial (AdDIT)”

Specimen: Blood, Urine
Dr. Cheril Clarson

“Simultaneous verus delayed initiation of real-time continuous glucose monitoring in children and adolescents with type I diabetes starting insulin pump therapy (The CGM time trial)”

Specimen: Blood
Dr. Cheril Clarson, Dr. David Hill

“Reduction of adolescent risk factors for type 2 diabetes and diabetes-related cardiovascular disease.”

Specimen: Blood
Dr. Kevin Bax

“Fecal lactoferrin measurement in the management of pediatric inflammatory bowel disease.”

Specimen: Blood, Intestine Biopsies, Stool
Dr. Kevin Bax

“Pediatric intestinal drug transport in gastrointestinal disease.”

Specimen: Blood, Intestine Biopsies
Dr. Chris Pin

“Molecular mechanisms of pancreatitis”

Specimen: Blood, Saliva, Pancreas
Dr. Ted Vandenberg, Dr. Peter Ainsworth, Dr. Nadeem Nagi

“Demographic, pathological and genetic characteristics of breast and ovarian cancer in the women of Yemen”

Specimen: Saliva
Dr. Paul Gibson, Dr. Rodney DeKoter

“Establishment of a tumour bank to facilitate molecular discovery in pediatric leukemia patients”

Specimen: Bone Marrow, Peripheral blood
Neonatal Medicine
Dr. Victor Han

“Molecular mechanisms of pre-eclampsia”

Specimen: Blood, Placenta
Mr. Dave Knoppert

“The pharmacokinetics and acute effects of in utero methadone exposure on newborns.”

Specimen: Blood
Dr. Max Rachinsky, Dr. Ngozi Imasogie, Dr. Renato Natale, Dr. James Riddell, Dr. Doreen Matsui

“The Prevalence of Cocaine Use in Women admitted in Labour and Delivery in London, Ontario”

Specimen: Meconium
Dr. Guido Filler, Dr. Joanne Grimmer, Dr. Ajay Sharma, Dr. Vladimir Belostotsky (McMaster University)
“Correction of zinc deficiency in children with chronic kidney disease and kidney transplant”
Specimen: Blood
Dr. Guido Filler, Dr. Joaquín Madrenas, Dr. Robert Lindsay, Daisy Liu

“Fibroblast growth factor-23 and renal function in children and adults with chronic kidney disease”

Specimen: Blood
Dr. Craig Campbell and Dr. Nicholas Johnson (University of Utah)

“Health Endpoints and Longitudinal Progression in Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy (HELP-CDM)”

Specimen: Blood, Mononuclear cells
Dr. Craig Campbell

“Understanding the role of prostaglandin in those with congenital myotonic dystrophy.”

Specimen: Blood, Muscle
Dr. Adrianna Ranger, Dr. Sandrine de Ribaupierre, Dr. Douglas Fraser

“CSF analyses following intracranial decompression in hydrocephalus patients.”

Specimen: Cerebrospinal Fluid, Blood
Dr. Abdel Lawendy, Dr. Mark MacLeod, Dr. Timothy Carey, Dr. David Sanders, Dr. Kevin Gurr, Dr. Chris Bailey, Dr. Deb Bartley

“Identification of serum inflammatory markers in compartment syndrome”

Specimen: Blood
Dr. Elizabeth Osuch

“Understanding the neurofunctional and neurocognitive interactions between depression and frequent marijuana use in youth.”

Specimen: Saliva
Dr. Claudio Martin, Dr. Alik Kornecki

“Calfactant therapy for direct acute respiratory distress syndrome and direct acute lung injury in adults and children. A sub-study to measure inflammatory proteins”

Specimen: Blood
Dr. Cory Yamashita

“The role of matrix metalloproteinase-3 in acute lung injury and multiple organ failure”

Specimen: Blood
Dr. Ruud Veldhuizen, Dr. Jim Lewis

“Biophysical properties of surfactant in injured lungs”

Specimen: Bronchoalveolar Lavage
Trauma/Critical Illness
Dr. Douglas Fraser, Dr. Gurinder Sangha, Dr. Neil Merritt, Mrs. Tanya Charyk Stewart

“Randomized controlled trial of resuscitation fluid composition in severely injured paediatric trauma patients: comparison of normal saline versus ringer’s lactate”

Specimen: Blood
Dr. Douglas Fraser, Dr. H. Tator

“Biomarkers of concussion”

Specimen: Blood
Dr. Douglas Fraser, Dr. Claudio Martin

“Inflammatory markers in patients with critical illness”

Specimen: Blood, Cerebrospinal Fluid, Bronchoalveolar Lavage
Dr. Gedas Cepinskas, Dr. Douglas Fraser

“The effects of human plasma and CSF (sepsis, trauma and diabetes) on in vitro models of the blood brain barrier.”

Specimen: Blood, Cerebrospinal Fluid
Dr. Jamie Hutchinson (P.I., Hospital for Sick Children)

“Attention and traumatic brain injury: a multicentre study.”

Specimen: Blood, Cerebrospinal Fluid
Dr. Alik Kornecki

“Anemia in survivors of critical illness”

Specimen: Blood
Dr. Tina Mele

“Host immunogenetic variation and sepsis severity”

Specimen: Blood
Dr. Tina Mele

“Genomic and protein analysis of patients with Staphylococcus aureus infections”

Specimen: Blood
Dr. Douglas Fraser, Dr. Claudio Martin, Dr. Gedas Cepinskas, Dr. Bryan Young

“Sepsis Associated Encephalopathy: Delirium in ICU patients with Severe Infections”

Specimen: Blood, Cerebrospinal Fluid
Dr. Patricia Liaw, Dr. Alison Fox-Robichard, Dr. Deborah Cook, Dr. Brent Winston, Dr. Lauralyn McIntyre, Dr. Douglas Fraser, Dr. Claudio Martin

“DYNAMICS: DNA as a prognostic marker in ICU patients”

Specimen: Blood
Dr. Jennifer Foster, Dr. Douglas Fraser, Dr. Janine Tijssen

“Melatonin Secretion in Critically Ill Children”

Specimen: Blood, Urine, Saliva
Translational Research Centre

“TRC Repository: control specimens from healthy volunteers for use in future research.”

Specimen: Blood, Urine, Saliva

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