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Bench-to-Bedside Research Opportunities

Facilitate access to high quality tissue samples

Dedicated Equipment and Research Personnel

Specialized equipment and trained research nurses and technicians, as well as on-going support from CHRI scientists

Biohazard laboratory

Level 2 containment laboratory within Children’s Health Research Institute.

Secure SAMPLE Storage

Standardized acquisition, Hardwired, kept at (-) 80 degrees, with 24 hour alarmed security.

Password protected Web Access and Back-up

Password protected web access to clinical information databases for linkage

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Flexible service packages

Individualized packages particular to your research needs. All packages include bioethics application support.

Bioethics support

Full support of bioethics application submission

Strategic links with other research centres

VIibrant base of interconnected core research facilities in London for genomic and protein analysis.

High Quality Tissue Samples

Standardized acquisition, categorization and processing procedures of tissue samples.

Applications are now being accepted for child health research projects.


For quality assurance and effective use of support, applications will be reviewed by the Translational Research Centre Operations Committee. For more information click here:


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